Reassurance and safety

100% natural materials, chemical-free

Hiyori oil blotting paper has been produced with "safety" as our first priority.

95% of the products on the market in Japan are made of paper (made from pulp) that is coated with a surfactant. It removes some sebum, but it's like spreading a chemical all over the face.

Hiyori's products, on the other hand, use Japanese paper, do not use any chemicals and have received the “the certificate of gold beating method”. After the paper is made, another work is completed by hand in 20 steps in about 2 weeks.

Please compare with other companies

① Remove sebum from the face with the product A, and then remove sebum from the same part of the face with Hiyori's product.

② Next, remove sebum from different part of the face with Hiyori’s product, and then remove sebum from that part of the face with the product A.

If you compare these four sheets of paper, you can easily tell the superiority of Hiyori’s product. Please try to see it yourself.

According to the result of a monitor test of " Hiyori "and 2 other highly evaluated paper: washi base and the other which is made of pulp, our products have received 94% of customer's support.